Nature’s Mysteries

Nature is unpredictable and behaves in its own way.  I learnt this truth while watching the seedlings grow in my windowsill. I had planted two mango stones in a plastic pot (the like in which we get food delivered home) after relishing couple of Bainganpalli, a gift from a friend. I had tasted Dasehri, Langda, Alphonso, Himsagar and others but I have to admit Bainganpalli was totally different. I really liked it and unable to lay my hands on a Bainganpalli sapling I did the obvious, waited for the miracle to happen.

While one of the seed sprouted within a fortnight, making me really jubilant: for it was the first time I had planted a mango seed and happened to see it sprout. I waited for the other one to show up too. Everyday in the morning I would check but a week latter I gave up. Nothing happened despite my fervent prayers. On the tenth day while the rains fell all around I reached the window and peered out: I encountered two shiny and tender leaves, the size of neem leaf, thrusting out from the moist soil.  It had sprouted from the edges of the pot.  The latter seed had taken some 25 days to sprout.

Surprise of surprise when I found yesterday that the latter seedling having become taller, dwarfing its former colleague. Why has it behaved differently I don’t know. Happy to realize that nature has its own truths; its mysteries that we fail to fathom.



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