Flower Passion

Ask me which song did Dev Anand and Mumtaz sing while bicycling in a mustard field I would start humming: Han Meine Kasam Li Lii. Or question me about Kunta Kinte (the protagonist in Alex Hailey’s Roots). I would know.

But ask me about plants or flowers my knowledge is limited to Rose, Marigold Jasmine et al. When I came across this strange and beautiful looking flower growing on a vine in the passage leading to the rooms of the hotel in Chindi I was foxed. I asked the people in the hotel and they said that locally it was known as Ghadi (Clock) because it resembled so. Having taken couple of pictures of the flower I mailed a picture to Dr. Gurcharan Singh, Retired Associate Professor, SGTB Khalsa College, University of Delhi, a member of efloraofindia google group. Dr Singh identified it as Passiflora caerulea.

Here is what wikipedia says: Blue passionflowers are called Krishnakamala in Karnataka and Maharashtra, while in Uttar Pardesh and generally north it is colloquially called “Paanch Paandav”. The flower’s structure lends itself to the interpretation along the lines of five Pandavas, the Divine Krishna at centre, and the opposing hundred at the edges. The colour blue is moreover associated with Krishna as colour of his aura.

Now as I know about Krishnakamala I’m trying to get one for my farm and have already spoken to nurseries in and around Mumbai and Pune.


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