Dam worry

river from my farm

It’s every person’s dream to have a house beside a lazy river that regularly makes a gurgling noise which can be heard when the birds are quiet, when the lone vehicle on the road doesn’t disturb or when women cleaning their laundry on the shore do not indulge in chat. So when a friend informed me of a farm plot on the banks of a running river and stressed, “It’s a river-touch plot, boss” I dived for it. I bought a farm plot beside Barvi river in Badlapur.

That was about four years back and ever since then several of friends have visited my farm and wondered at the quietness of the surroundings and the running river. I generally cajole them saying: “You can hear the river flowing.” And it does the trick: for an urbanite brought up on noises of all kinds exposing him/herself to a flowing river flow that makes noise is a novelty. Most of them have promised to return their family and “enjoy a picnic”.

Having a river-touch plot can give you sleepless nights. This I realized when I came to know that the district authorities were planning to acquire six villages in the vicinity of the dam. Plans were for afoot to increase the height of the dam with the likelihood of submergence of neighbouring villages. All because the bustling new townships need more water.

My farm plot, I learnt was closer to the lower stream and much further from the dam. But what happens to the farm plots and the villages upstream. It’s anybody’s guess. Sooner or later they will pay price of urbanization that is happening all over at breakneck speed.


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