Giant of a Mango

My Hyderabadi friend who has been gifting my Banganapalli tells me that on his next visit to his home state he will return with something which is likely to surprise me. Pressed for details he disclosed that it’s about world’s largest mango, called Pedda Rasalu.

Grown in Nuzvid, a historical fort city in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh, Pedda Rasalu each mango weighs as much as 3 kg. Months back I remember watching an Iranian film where a family of six feasts on a sole Ostrich egg Pedda Rasalu is and answer to its fruit equivalent. Bring a Padda Rasalu and your family of four or six can have a mango feast.

Pedda Rasalu and its smaller cousin, Chinna Rasalu start arriving in the market in April but their supply trickles by May when the famed Banganpalli mangoes makes its appearance.

Rasalu mangoes are specially used for pickle, called Avakaya in Telugu, when green and raw. Once ripe they are very juicy and sweet. It’ so full of juice that you just need to stick a straw and suck its contents! Try cutting the mango in parts and you’re likely to fail. Normally, the fruit is squeezed from all sides, a hole made on the top and the juice drained out in a glass or a bowl. It’s so sweet that you don’t need to add sugar or jaggery as one does with alphonso.

A Pedda Rasalu yields over 1ltr. of thick juice. You can add a litre or two of water and serve around six glasses of juice. People in Nuzvid dry the mango pulp in sun and make sun dried mango candies, which they call Mamidi Tandra. A dozen of Nuzividu Pedda Rasalu is retailed for Rs 1450.


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