Calling Himsagar addicts

Never thought that blogging could be so lucrative. Ever since I mentioned Banganpalli in my posts I have got an admirer. A Hyderabadi but presently living in Mumbai, he has been gifting me Banganpallis every other day. So much so that I have stopped any other mangoes, not even Alphonsos. Interestingly, my family members are very happy with the new mango on their dinner table.In fact, they seem to have weaned off their fixation for Alphonso. I have eaten so many Banganpalli’s in the last three weeks that I have lost count and added extra inches around my waist, I fear.

I have collected so many Banganpalli stones in the last two weeks that I had to distribute to them my willing friend who own farms. Besides, I have planted some of these stones and am waiting anxiously for them to sprout. Hope they do.

If they  don’t I’m not  bothered because the Banganpalli mangoholic friend has assured me to acquire the saplings on his next visit to Kurnool—home to the best variety of Banganpalli. If he does so I have promised that the maiden fruits of the plants to him. Whether he would like to wait that long is anybody’s guess. Meanwhile, I’m planning to sing paeans to Himsagar, Badami, Malda, Amrapali, Laksman Bhog, Gulab Khas and Kishen Bhog. Hope more people read my blog.


One thought on “Calling Himsagar addicts

  1. Manishaa R

    Well, Banganpally (hope I got the spelling right) certainly seems to be the flavour of the season. There’s no denying that. My husband who originally belongs to A.P. tells me that there is another breed of mangoes called ‘Peddarasal’, each mango weighing approximately 2-3 kilos, which is famous for its juice extract, and can well be substituted for a whole meal. This one is available in Nouzividu (will crosscheck the spelling) and is a delight for mango-lovers. There’s more on Nouzividu and its connection to mangoes, which I will update very shortly.

    Manishaa R

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