Taste of Banganpalli

No Banganpalli is no sibling of Amrapali. It’s a variety of mango, which is native of Banganpalli, known for its diamond deposits, and is a favorite among Telegu speakers. I know friends who though living in Mumbai for decades have no good word for Alphonso and would rather travel to Mumbai’s Crawford Market from the suburbs to buy their favourite Banganpalli. This native of Andhra Pradesh is sold by weight and you can get the best ones for Rs 50 a kilo.

The fruit is so huge that a kilo is likely to fetch you just two pieces! Its skin is very thin, no more than a leaf, its juicy and very, very  sweet. Almost syrupy sweet. The best way to eat it is not by cutting into pieces but peeling the skin and digging your teeth into its  maize yellow, inviting flesh while the juice trickles down your clutched wrist. The stone is not thick and it’s half the length of your wrist.

Yesterday, I tasted my maiden Banganpalli, thanks to Manisha who had picked her favourite mango from Crawford Market. I have saved all the three stones though she has promised a sapling next time she pays her monthly visit to Hyderabad. Banganpalli is also called Baneshan, Chapta, Chapatai and Safeda in the North. Banganpalli has something common with Alphonso, its fibreless.


10 thoughts on “Taste of Banganpalli

  1. rafiq yusuf

    Hi Hiraman,
    Banganpalli maybe good,but none to parallel the king.
    have tasted banganpalli,it isnt better than the king,its good.
    Have a tree of ratna kesar planted by my dad,would swear by its taste and texture.
    also stays good for a long time unlike other mangoes.
    have pairi,dasheri an langda trees also,none as good as the king ,followed by banganpalli and ratna kesar.
    the net is swooning over quality of mallika and amrapali,sadly cant find them anywhere in bby.trying to get hold of plants of the same to ensure good supply in season.
    lastly,every variety has its own halo of goodness.

    1. hiraman

      hello rafiq,
      taste is a subjective thing. some like vinci, some Michelangelo but I vouch for Brughel. what we eat, read, hear , and the surroundings we are in when doing this decides our failing for it. thanks for your comment. haven’t yet tasted mallika and amrapali. you seem to be a veteran.

  2. rafiq yusuf

    Hi Hiraman,agree with what you say,but if you cant get it what do you do.I spend most of my time travelling,hence miss out a lot of seasonal goodies.Is amrapali/mallika avlbl in crawford mrkt.
    Have recently asked a friend from hyderabad to send a banganpalli plant.
    Its difficult arranging planting material.
    Have been requesting kerala agri univ dept for a some planting material(coconut dxt,mango,jackfruit,pepper …etc),they just dont have the time nor the inclination.
    Contacted a lot of Nurseries in kerala,they are not interested in small orders.
    Eventually have ordered some plants from a Dapoli nursery,but have to go and pick it up from there,which is still a easy task.Dapoli being equidistant from bby and rajapur
    Is there anyway planting materials can be sourced from kerala. .
    Have a lot of alfonso ,cashew V-7,chikoo,banana trees now more interested in different varieties.

    Is there anyway planting materials can be sourced from kerala.
    Your suggestions eagerly awaited

    1. hiraman

      My friends who share/like my passion gift me plants and seeds. A few days back one such friend gifted me a Malgoba sapling.what you say is true but there are nurseries who are willing to send small quantities of saplings. Will try to send you some addresses of them. where is your farm located. mine is in badlapur. let’s meet one of these and exchange notes.

  3. rafiq yusuf

    Hi Hiraman,
    My farm is at rajapur-in ratnagiri dist.Thats 425kms on the bby-goa highway.
    Please do send me the addresses of kerala nurseries,will be very grateful.
    Bby nursery plants prices are highly inflated.As good as 300-400% high
    What fruit/flower plants do you have on your farm.
    As said earlier,i have,alfonso,dasheri,langda,ratna kesar,pairi,banana green,banana red,pineapple,chikoo,cashew.Recently introduced custard apple,sweetlime,nimboo,coconut,orange,ramphal,tamrind sweet,jackfruit,fig.pomegranate.
    Some more saplings ordered to have a vast variety of mangoes and other indian fruits and flowers…..

  4. Siva Chander

    Banganapalli is distinct from Safeda and Alampur Benishan (incorrectly spelled Baneshan), but is probably a descendant of both. It also has elements of Enugu Datta, Badami and Neelam. Some strains of Banganapalli with orange flesh also share ancestry with the Alphonso.

    1. sanket

      sir, wat is difference between alampur benishan and banganpalli mango,alampur benishan remains green even its ripe and wat abt banganpalli pl thro some light

      1. Sorry about the delayed reply – I just saw this comment. Alampur Benishan is an ancestor of Banganapalli. It has a similar shape, but is slightly more elongated and slender. It stays green even on ripening, and sometimes has small white pores/spots distributed on the green skin. The flesh varies in colour from cream to straw-yellow to corn yellow, depending on the extent of ripening. There is very little fibre. It is intensely sweet when ripe, with a core flavour similar to Banganapalli, but with light hints of citrus fruits like sweet lime, lemon, grapefruit and so on. The fruit sometimes tends to split on the trailing margin if left on the tree for too long. It is not as prolific a bearer as Banganapalli. For these reasons, it is no longer a popular commercial variety these days, having been replaced by Banganapalli. However, the flavour is distinct and arguably superior to almost any peninsular mango – IMHO, only Malgova and Spotted Green Kalapaddy can hold their own in comparison.

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