Waiting for Malgoba

Ever since I heard of juicy Malgoba mangoes I have been wanting to have a sapling of the same for my farm. Grown in villages of Valsad, South Gujarat, the fruit which is harvested during May end is relished for its thick curd-like juice In fact, I have been telling my friends who are natives of South Gujarat to bring me one but without any result. They would prefer to bring the fruit rather than soil their hands carting a sapling. This Sunday my photographer friend Sanat surprised me when he arrived with a Malgoba and a Chickoo sapling to my home. He brought it all the way from Dahanu and that’s what makes it special. Few months back my artist friend Murali Nagapuzha of Kerala who visited Mumbai to attend a friend’s one-man show had brought seeds of different flowers and couple of plants too. He visited my farm and planted them too. Those plants have taken roots and the seeds have become plants. I had heard friends sharing stamps, music, books etc. but saplings never. If not for this what are friends for?

Also read http://sunshineanyday.wordpress.com/2011/05/03/my-mango-memories/


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