Organic veggies at your door

All big things begin small. What begins as an idea has the potential to become an agent of change. Bringing change in our thinking, our approach towards life and even what we put in our mouths. The group or 30-odd people of varying ages, who attended the meeting called by MFOCA (Mumbai Organic Farmers and Consumers Association) at Navdanya’s outlet at Andheri provided their support to the idea of organically grown vegetables. The initiative was laudable for MFOCA brought the grower and consumer on the same portal. Organic food is a great talking point, thanks to the awareness created by the media but convincing the farmer to grow vegetables free of chemical fertiliser and pesticide, and once grown reaching it to the consumer is a Herculean task. A task which has been undertaken by the idealist and dogged volunteers of MFOCA and some enlightened farmers. Soon a handful of consumers who attended series of meets held in the suburbs of Mumbai organized by the Association will benefit and have organically grown vegetables in their meals.

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