Seeds for Free

I read this interesting item online, No Late Fees For Seed Lending.

The Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library, near Berkley in California celebrated its one-year recently and has nearly 400 users.

When you visit the library to check out a book, you can leave with some basil, butterfly weed, or sweet pea seeds in your pocket. Seed-lending programs, operating out of public libraries, are taking root.

The concept is simple: Seed libraries allow patrons to “check out” seeds and grow them on their own land. In exchange, the gardener or farmer is asked to donate seeds to the library at harvest time. These will be used by fellow library-goers in the next growing season. “Unlike a seed bank, the libraries are living collections that change every time a gardener returns seeds,” Organic Gardening writes.

I have plenty seeds of tulsi and papaya, anyone who wants it can write to me.


2 thoughts on “Seeds for Free

  1. Sujit Patil

    Hey…this has been an interesting reading!
    Appreciate your concern and love for farming.
    Yes I would love to have the seeds. Also, would like to pursue farming but getting a good clear land seems to be the biggest challenge. Any guidance on that or leads as to where would good land be available?

    Cheers! Sujit

    1. hiraman

      hello sujit, thanks for visiting my blog and sharing the same love for farming. had waited till monsoon to give away the seeds. got lot of enquries and mailed them. may be next time. finding farming land is not easy. you need to keep your ears and eyes open and interact with people of the loaclity where you intend to buy your plot. you will surely be rewarded. it took me 10 years of searching to get the right plot.

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