Did a jig for my mango tree

I spoke to my plants today. After being away from my farm for over a fortnight in the hills of Himachal Pradesh I had been missing my farm and its green inhabitants. Mango trees as high as my shoulder, the lichi plant my friend brought all the way from Muzzafarpur and the jackfruit tree, which crossed my head in November, visited me in my dreams. I haven’t named them as yet but now as they frequent me in my sleep I think I should christen them.

This Sunday I reached my farm earlier than ever, thanks to the 8.10am bus from Badlapur station which came dot on time. The summer months does wonder to the plants. They look healthy, are vibrant and waiting to be caressed.

I said sweet words to my Ratna hapus, stroked the chikoo tree, sat down close to horizontally spreading fig tree, sang Nimboda, Nimbooda to my lemon tree brought from West Bengal, shouted at the banana plantain for refusing to gain height and did a jig around the papaya tree for being generous with its fruits which I have shared with my neighbours, friends and visitors to my farm.

I never knew Napoleon Hill or Dale Carnegie’s tricks to make friends could be useful when dealing with plants too. It was scientist Jagdish Chandra Bose who said plants too have emotions and am seeing it in action. Care for them and they respond. I have yet to play music for the plants but have already downloaded some soothing Carnatic music on my mobile, which I plan to play on my next visit.


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