Joy of Farming

When your heart is into something you enjoy doing it despite the trouble it gives you. I realised this while carting 20 kgs of vegetables from my farm. I’m paranoid about carrying weight. An extra pen or more number of visiting cards in my office bag seems too heavy for me. I like to travel light, so much so that I would prefer to repeat a shirt or a trouser while on a trip rather than carry an extra one.

This Sunday I carried 20kgs of vegetables all the way from my farm in Badlapur to my home in Thane.  Holding a bag each on my two hands and the tote bag on my back  I did the flight of stairs at Badlapur station to reach the platform, waited for the train and jumped in as it halted. At Thane I again took a flight of stairs lugging my precious cargo, huffing for breath, navigating in between the crowd to reach the autorickshaw stand.

Having reached home I displayed my farm produce–raw papayas, green gourd, mango etc–to kids and wife and I realized I was smiling. All through my journey–from farm to home I had neither  complained or felt bad about the weight I was moving with.

It’s the same with human relations, if you like someone you put in your best efforts to please him or her  despite the pain you encounter.


4 thoughts on “Joy of Farming

  1. Sudarshan Srinivas

    I can much appreciate this feeling. Last Sunday I harvested my second Banana Loom frmo my back yard – a godo big loom weighing almost 30 kg’s – with really huge banan’s this time over – marginally better than last time. The excitement I got in dustributing Banana Bunches to friends across made the 13 months worth while.
    Meanwhile tragedy struck – some Cat I think jumped over (not the moon) my newly flowering third Banana loom and the new flower and freshly developing fruits have dropped broken from the tree – whoel good 1o months gone – just like that – that hurt.
    And yes, a third one – Kerala red banana – its growing and growing and growin – and no signs of flowering yet – am keeping my fingers crossed.
    Would love to be able to visit your Badlapur farm some day

  2. I’d have felt the same!! The little that I get from my backyard gives me immense pleasure. There’s nothing like home-grown produce. Or in your case farm-grown! A joy, really!

  3. Hiraman, Really u r very lucky man.I am also very happy when i just walking towards my farm, plants and while eating some fruits.I am missing all this in Pune, where i am living now.
    Thanks for this nice blog,subject and nice sharing.

    1. hiraman

      hello anil, it was nice of you to visit my blog. i’m lucky in the sense that there are people who think like me. who enjoy the joys of farming.

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