Amla has money

Did you know Aonla (Amla or gooseberries) growers have an association?I didn’t until I came across an article The Open Magazine recently.

Called Aonla Growers Association of India, it was established in 2002 at Gurgaon, Haryana and was sponsored by the National Horticulture Board. The objectives of the association are to bring together buyers and sellers; increasing awareness of amla and amla products; and helping in organising seminars. The Association gives general guidance on planting of amla as a multi crop with bael, simarouba, woodapple, etc.

Presently, there is over 40,000 acres under amla cultivation in south India mainly in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The large amla is most preferred by growers and consumers. “We ask the growers to planta few mixed varieties so that it will help in cross-pollination which is essential for this crop. A single variety will not yield a large crop continually. Hence, cross-pollination is required. The varieties now popular areNA6, 7, 10, Krishna, Kanchan, Chakya all from Narendra Dev University at Faizabad;Anand1, 2, 3 from Anand, Gujarat; and BSR1from Tamil Nadu Agri University, Bhavani Sagar,” explains S S Mehta, who has been nominated by the horticulture board as the founder president.

“Till now amla was treated as a minor forest produce. After the seminar at Salem in 2003 and seeing the response of over 900 delegates from all over the country the government is now accepting amla as a crop,” adds Mehta.


2 thoughts on “Amla has money

  1. I didn’t know about it either. Sounds like a great move but I wish they’d get their act together about the communications part. If no one knows about it how will they go to them for help?

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