A 20kg cabbage?

My encounters with jumbo-sized cabbages

cappadocia cabbage

Last night while going through the pictures I had shot of my visit to Cappadocia in Turkey I came across the ones taken of the weekly market. It was a Saturday morning and the bazaar was brimming with buyers and sellers of vegetables, fruits and dry fruits. One couldn’t interact with the sellers who didn’t understand us. Moreover, looking at us, foreigners they realised that being tourists we were not real buyers. In fact, most shopkeepers were very rude and dismissive of our queries.  However, Filiz, our guide, was helpful and did most of the talking and we ended up buying plums, the size of cricket balls, and some dry fruits etc.

While we were leaving in the makeshift bazaar, we came across huge cabbages, each weighing between 15 to 20 kgs, displayed in a shop. If you bought one it could last a month! We all have fascination for the big and I couldn’t stop shooting the cabbages from different angles. If I had my way I would have brought one back home to surprise my family and neighbours. So what if I had to pay for the extra baggage of a cabbage?

Next time I’m in Cappadocia I will try getting the seeds and grow them in my farm. If by any chance you see a cabbage weighing 20kgs. at your neighbourhood bhajiwallah or at the mall, where most people prefer to shop as one is assured of weight, you know where it came from. Idiot, from my farm in Badlapur.


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