Dealing with Pests

Check pest attack, light a lamp

I was at Prakriti, Bharatiya Bhavan’s Nature Festival and while interacting with visitors and participants came across a simple idea which has been used by farmers to combat pests but now forgotten.

A lady from Dahanu, who owns a Chickoo orchard was worried by the pest menace which has been playing havoc with her chickoos lately. She said ever since the Bhor trees which stood on the boundary of her orchard, had been chopped there has been an increasing frequency of attacks.

Dr Satyabroto Banerji, a technology coordinator with Safety Brigade who was at hand suggested this method:

  • At dusk place a kerosene lamp on a plate of water and light the lamp. Pest will come attracted by the light and die.

Interestingly, this will work if the orchard is in dark and there is not many source of light and if the same is done before the pest attack the crop.

One can also plant marigold and neem on the boundary of the plot.


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