Controlling rodents

Some Traditional Methods of Rodent Control in Field

Of late I have been encountering a serious problem. It’s been the second time since I sowed pumpkin seeds on my farm plot which were eaten away by the rodents. I searched the web and could not get any satisfactory remedy to it, until I asked Delhi-based Manoj Singh of Chandel Agritech Solutions. He was kind enough to suggest the following measures:

  • A few traditional methods such as the placing of screw-pine leaves along the edges of fields and flagging of palm leaves or polythene pieces on a 3–4 feet long rod in fields or plant material which makes rattling sounds are used by farmers to scare away the rodents.
  • Conventionally farmers carry out deep tillage which also destroys rodent burrows and drives away rodents.
  • Farmers sometimes place tree branches or T shaped perching poles in the field to encourage predation by owls.
  • ·Reduce harbourage areas in and around fields by eliminating unnecessary vegetation, garbage, piles of junk, etc.
  • Before planting, fields may be flooded to kill or displace rodent pests; after harvest, in some crops, deep ploughing is used to destroy nests and displace rodents. Removal of crop residues after harvest will cause rodents to look elsewhere for food and may be done in cereal crops by grazing livestock temporarily or by burning as noted in the case of sugarcane.
  • ·Dig a trap outside field and fill it with water to avoid rodents entering the field
  • ·Spray pepper extract on the leaves produced in the field, rodents’ wont’ eat them

If you’re unable to follow any of these measures there is a easier way out: plant the seeds in a seedling tray and once they are a week and half old, plant them on the filed.  Do take care to surround the seedling tray with thorny bush to keep away rodents.


One thought on “Controlling rodents

  1. Another traditional technique used was to coat the seeds with ash. This keeps insects away and I think it’ll keep rodents away too.
    I encourage natural predators on my farm to keep all kinds of pests at bay. The Pariah Kite is invaluable for controlling rodents. So are snakes and owls.

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