Plant growth hormone


DIY Plant growth hormone developed by N Gopalakrishnan

Months back I had written about a growth promoter which the adivasi farmers of Pen taluka refer as “egg tonic” and use it regularly to get crop of vegetables. Recently, I came across another variation of the same developed by a Tamil Nadu-based progressive farmer N. Gopalakrishnan. A plant growth hormone, he calls it egg lime formulation (or Muttai Rasam in Tamil). He has been successfully using it for his crops and also trains other farmers in preparing it.

Here is the recipe

·        Take some 20-25 limes and squeeze the juice into a bucket. Add 250 gm of jaggery and mix it well with the lime juice to form a solution.

·        Take about 10-15 chicken/duck eggs and place it in the bucket containing in such a way that the eggs are well immersed. Close the bucket with an air tight lid and keep it in the shade for about 10 days.

·        On the 10th day remove the lid. By now the eggs along with the shells inside the solution would have become rubbery, like a rubber ball. Use your hands to mix the eggs (along with the shell) with the lime, jaggery solution. After thorough mixing, add jaggery solution again in equal measure to the lime jaggery solution. For instance, add 2 lts of jaggery solution to 2 lts of the solution. Close the bucket tightly and leave it for 10 more days. On the 10th day the formulation is ready.

·        Dilute 10 to 15 ml of the formulation in one litre of water and spray. The concentration varies according to the area to be sprayed.

The formulation can be sprayed on any crops such as paddy, wheat, banana, vegetables, greens and fruit trees. It is important that the spray be done either in the morning or late evening.

According to Gopalakrishnan, this egg-lime solution helps in good plant growth and can also be mixed with Panchagavya, vermiwash and sprayed.

“It is advisable to drill small holes in the lid to facilitate escape of gases which emits from the solution. The solution can be stored for about 6 months,” he says.

For more, contact Mr. N. Gopalakrishnan, M: 94431-48224& 99421-67789, email: Write to N Gopalakrishnan on No. 19 Akhila nagar, !st cross street, Ganapathy Nagar extension, Mampazham salai, Tiruchi, Tamil Nadu 620005.

Based on an article in The Hindu


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