Fog in November

It was foggy day in Ambarnath

As the Badlapur local left Ambarnath station the train slowed down. Being a regular suburban commuter the slowing down of train happens so often that we hardly notice it but this time I did. Because I felt bit chilly! Fingers of cold  ran through my linen shirt and I shivered. Understandable its November but cold never. I took my eyes off the book and encountered something which I hadn’t in all these years while on my way to farm. The train was cutting through a thick fog which had gobbled up everything closeby. Looking out of the window I manage to see the silhouette of trees, a car passing on the road running parallel to the track and a house as in a horror movie. I usually bring my camera along to record the progress the plants have made over the week but today I wasn’t carrying it.  The entire stretch till from Ambernath onwards was foggy. And once the train reached Badlapur it was sunny with no trace of fog.

While on the way to my farm, riding on Billal’s autorickshaw I could see the fog awaiting for us and so clicked some pictures with my phone camera. As we entered Chon village we saw the fog spread on the field. The same was too true in my farm too.


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