Flower seeds from Kerala

Murali Nagapuzha’s paintings are set in garden or jungle have an idyllic setting

I came to know him through his paintings I had seen while surfing the Net. We came to know each other through emails and telephone calls. I found him to be simple, clear of heart, affable and down to earth. He was unlike artist one comes across in a city. City-bred/settled artist are smart and realize soon which way the wind is blowing. They see the trend and generally follow it, call it survival instinct. They too have a livelihood to make! But then soon loose what is unique in them. Their individuality. Their creative space.

Murali Nagapuzha is like his paintings—very naïve. Brimming with childhood innocence.

book cover of murali's painting

I like his works because of its vibrant and colourful Kerala landscape. One day I asked him if he could get me saplings of the plants he has featured in his paintings (Buying his painting was out question with my salary). And a week later Murali sent me seeds of four plants, Raja Malli, Shell plants and rest two which he could not name.

I intend to plant the seeds soon after my plot is cleaned of the monsoon growth. I have checked the images of Raja Malli and Shell plant but I have to wait for the rest two to grow and flower to know their names. Once I get them I shall post them on the blog.

I’m waiting for my other friends to send me seeds.


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