Colour Purple

Purple Bauhinia flowers between September and November


purple bauhinia

It’s that time of the year when you can chance upon these purple flowers growing in a garden or just off the road. I saw one peeping from the high walls of Parshavnath College in Thane and another when my curiosity took me to Demello Nursery, near Andheri Station (west). The elderly Demello was pleased to share his knowledge about gardening and horticulture. Demello have been running their nursery from here since the last one decade. Earlier to that they had a garage which they closed following losses. Demello Nursery sources its plants from Karjat and offers its services to corporate office in and around Andheri.


Just off the maddening and cacophonous SV Road, Demello Nursery is a haven. Once you’ve entered its premises with potted plants on both sides you can’t hear the noise from the road, as if the plants have screened the noise out.

“This will flower till late December,” Demello said.

So taken in was I with the purple flowers of Bauhinia that I returned two days later and clicked some pictures. If you’re passing by, do drop in to see the full bloom. It’s likely you may not come across such a sight while you commute daily to work and office.

Purple Bauhinia begins flowering in September and continues till late November.


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