October Heat

Visiting farm after two weeks

I’m very excited. I’m returning to my farm after a gap of two whole weeks. Last time I was there the monsoon season was retiring. As I was leaving the farm and took the autorickshaw back which I had hired having called Billal on his mobile a sudden downpour caught us unaware. The road had become a rivulet and the visibility was low as the rain poured from all sides. Rather than continue Billal stopped the three-wheeler on the roadside in front of a one-room hut of a primary school. By the time I reached Badlapur station I was drenched to the skin and shivering.

Now, we are on the second week of October. Though a solitary cloud or two does appear on the skies it is unlikely to rain. The heat is unbearable. October heat is worst type of heat we Mumbaikars have to live through. It would be much worse in my farm with soi much greenery around.

Last time I was in my farm the pumpkin seeds which I had got from Cappadocia had become six inch long saplings making me happy. Of the 15 seeds planted nine had become saplings. I felt that I have really achieved something. For I have big plans for these pumpkins.

On the way to the farm I had picked 40 saplings of Australian teak from Yamunabagh Nursery which by now, I hope, may have taken roots. I’m just waiting to see the Australian teak saplings which have been planted alongside the fence.


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