New Food Extraction Technology

Food Technologist patents wastage–less  food extraction technology


Think of  orange powder, mango powder or garlic powder. A new food processing technology where the extraction is increased by nearly 90 per cent resulting in minimal wastage promises all that.

Mumbai-based food technologist Dr Sailen Ghosh has made a breakthrough innovation, which is likely to revolutionalise food processing industry in the country.

“The technology is versatile in application and will benefit the industry as almost 30-35% of our produce gets spoilt due to inadequate storage facilities,” says Dr Ghosh.

Elaborating on the process, Dr Ghosh says, “It is simple in operation. Firstly, fruits/ vegetables/ spices/ herbs etc are cleaned and then treated as per the protocol. After this, it’s dried in a conventional sun drier to make powder of the particular produce. Dried product is then packed and sealed.”

Generally fruits/vegetables/herbs are dried and then powdered before packing. In Dr Ghosh’s process it’s the other way round: first the fruits/vegetables/herbs are powdered and then dried. Since the surface area of the food increases manifolds, the process of drying is quick. Reduction in exposure to heat while drying leads to the retention of nutrients, colour and flavour of the food item.

Dr Ghosh who till recently headed the Biotechnology Process Development Section of  Food Technology Division at Bhabha Atomic research Center and invented the “invert sugar” process holds a patent for the new process he has developed.

According to him the process has been applied successfully for apple, mango, banana, cabbage, flowers, pan, onion, potato, garlic, orange skin and many other vegetables including herbs and spices. Besides it has been successfully applied to produce medicinal juice from leafy vegetables.

What are the benefits of the process?

  • Large-scale operation of extraction of value added products from leafy vegetables and other vegetables having medicinal values.
  • Scaled up operation for drying of fruits and vegetables including herbs and spices.
  • Extraction of juice from fruits/vegetables without application of conventional squeezing or pressing resulting almost entire recovery of juices.
  • Drying of leafy vegetables little above ambient temperature, which otherwise difficult to achieve using any present technology.
  • Drying of Ginger, garlic and other medicinal value products to enhance shelf life and availability over the years at a fixed rate.
  • Making processed foods availability across the year at a cost less than the cost at non-season period.
  • Utilisation of food waste into value added product

2 thoughts on “New Food Extraction Technology

  1. g c jagwani

    Dear Hiramanji
    very interesting and adds to knowledge,going through your all posts for last three days,doing wonderful job,awareness helps in further improvements.while reading came across your blog.God bless you and your family.
    G C Jagwani

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