Money in dates

After sixth year you can make of  Rs 1.6 lakhs per year/1 acre

Date Palm

There is money in dates; I’m referring to the fruit. Arabian date palms can be the right choice for our agriculturists growing crops in water scarce areas as they are capable of withstanding harsh climatic conditions and erratic rainfall.

Date Palms can be grown with minimum maintenance, low expenditure and with nil chemical fertilizer expenses. They do not get attacked by pests and diseases. Animals do not browse these trees. According to leading date palm cultivator S. Nizamudeen of Saliah Dates Nursery in Dharmapuri dist the date palm trees are gifts to agriculturists in drought hit areas. Considering the minimum input, the profits are enormous. Profits continue for 100 years at a stretch.

Employed in a seed processing farm in Saudi Arabia earlier, Nizamudeen had come across several date palm trees with rich yield. Having returned with a pack of good quality seeds of varieties like Aguah, Makthumii, Sukkary, Kalima and Muscat to his native Krishnapuram village in Dharmapuri district he produced seedlings, under the technical guidance of one Nassar, an agricultural graduate. He planted seedlings and now the tree are around 14 years old and gives an average yield of 150 kgs of dates per tree per year fetching about Rs 50 per kg.

According to Nassar the cost of cultivation for date palm is Rs 11000 to Rs 15000 per acre having a population of 112 – 150 trees with a return of about Rs 1 – 2 lakhs from sixth year onwards, though it starts yielding from fifth year onwards with an average yield of 40 kgs per tree.

Saliah Dates Nursery  has seedlings namely of Agwah, Sukkary, Makthumii and Muscat.  Variety of Suckers include Halawi, Kadhrawi, Zahidhi, Sayer, Khals, Mejnaz, Ruzuz and Zhugolul. Tissue culture plants of date palm available are Bahri and Red Plant.

For more contact, Dates India, Saliah Dates Nursery, 10, Simco Meter Road, Near JaganMatha Church, Indian Bank Colony Bus Stop, Dharmapuri District, Trichy 21. Mob: 9943999880


2 thoughts on “Money in dates

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  2. Willard Lively

    I am seeking date seeds for an experimental testing in this area. Anyone who wishes to donate any seeds can contact me. I am seeking mostly Medjool varieties.

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