Organic fertliser & pesticide

Briefly:Adivasis of Pabal valley share recipes for organic fertiliser/pesticide

Few weeks back I had been to Pabal valley in Pen taluka of Maharashtra. I was visiting the place after nearly two decades to do a story on micro banking. I was in the mid eighties that I had done a story for The Indian Express on how during the monsoon months seven villages of Pabal were cut off from the outside world due to the swollen Nigde river. Villagers were unable to cross the river due to lack of a bridge. In fact, most villagers dropped out of school after seventh  standard because they had to cross the river to attend school for further studies. The story was published in all the edition of The Indian Express caught the attention of Prime Ministers Office. Mrs Indira Gandhi was the PM then.

Arun Shivkar who ran a NGO for the adivasis had brought my attention to Pabal.

“It was around 10am I got a call from the local tehsil office who said that the Collector wanted to visit the site. I did not why for I had not read the papers. But was told so by the caller,” remembers Shivkar. “Twelve lakhs were sanctioned for the bridge and with help of shramdan by the villagers the bridge was completed in a record time.”

Shivkar took me to the fields tended by the adivasis who grew cauliflower, water melon, brinjal etc. Interacting with them I came across the following recipes for making organic fertilizer and pesticide.

Organic Fertiliser

10 kg Dung

10 lts of Cow’s Urine

500gms Gur

500gms Dal

Mix them well in clay matka and close the mouth of the pot with a piece of cloth. Keep the pot in a shaded area. After every three days open the lid for airing and again keep it closed. The mixture is ready after a  week.

Spread leaves, branches and sprinkle the liquid and overturn the compost. With very week the heap will start reducing. After 90 days the compost is ready for the fields.

Organic Pesticide

500gms garlic

500gms Green Chilli

Soak the garlic in kerosene oil for day.  Mix all these in a mixer. Pour lukewarm water and sieve it. It’s ready for use.For every 100ml mix it with 5lts of water and spray.


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