Maiden vegetable

Having chanced on the cylindrical green thing camouflaged by the vine and its leaves I rushed to unravel it. And I was surprised to find a dudhi (bootlegourd) weighing nearly 5kgs. It was the maiden vegetable born in my farm. I was overjoyed and couldn’t contain it. On reaching home with it I couldn’t stop myself telling about it to my family ( it was tough carrying it home travelling on the local from Badlapur to Thane). Next day I told about my « first vegetable » to my  friends, colleagues and even social networking pals.

Well, we could not eat the whole do gave it others.Comparing the joy  of the « first vegetable » with my  first born would sound ridiculous but I think all farmers, gardeners share similar feelings. Ever since  I have harvested some 50kgs of dudhi in a short span of fortnight. All these I have distributed free to office colleagues and friends.


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