Chon, my village

on the way to chon

Chon! I never knew that one day I would talk about this village, 10 kms from Badlapur railway station, to friends and those willing to listen to me that this where my farm is! Reaching Chon is not difficult if you follow the road leading to Barvi dam, a tourist spot during the monsoon months. While you proceed and drive 5 kms or so you come across Rhatoli village. Enter Rhatoli and you’re on your way to Chon leaving the cluster of squat houses with tiled roof behind. Chon village which has developed on both sides of a narrow road doesn’t make much of an impression. But you do come across mobikes or a tractor parked outside the house, an always closed Primary Health Centre, the recently build panchayat office with its TV antenna standing on a squarish pylon. Chon receives a ST bus only thrice a day, beginning its journey from Badlapur. The last bus leaves at 5pm. But then the villagers have learnt to live with the uncertainty of the bus services, thanks to the eight-seater rickshaws which leave Badlapur only after it has a load of  10 passengers. The fare: Rs 10.


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